Red Bull Cape Fear: Sam Macintosh is not afraid | Photo: Morris/Red Bull

The world's best slab riding specialists will return to Sydney's infamous break for the 2015 Red Bull Cape Fear.

The invitation-only big wave surfing event returns to Australia with 16 fearless chargers ready to tackle the natural adversities of Cape Solander from 5th May to 1st August.

"Pound for pound, Cape Fear is the heaviest and most dangerous wave in the world. The last few winters have been slow to say the least. We are definitely overdue for a massive swell. With a bit of luck, 2015 will dish up the biggest Red Bull Cape Fear event ever!" says Mark Mathews, big wave surfer and event organizer.

All 16 wave riders will compete in head-to-head battles in a thrilling wave arena combining paddle and tow-in surfing so that everyone enjoys the potential peak of a large swell.

The top four surfers will progress to the semi-final and ultimately to the final.

In 2014, and because of the average wave conditions, eight surfers were crowned winners of the inaugural Red Bull Cape Fear at Botany Bay.

Red Bull Cape Fear 2015 | Invitees

Mark Mathews
Jamie O'Brien
Ryan Hipwood
Richie Vaculik
Koby Abberton
Evan Faulks
Jesse Polock
Jai Abberton
Ian Walsh
Dean Morrison
Russell Bierke
Mason Ho
Jack Robinson
Makua Rothman
Albee Layer
Kirk Flintoff

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