2020 Nikon Surf Photo and Video Awards: ten stunning photos and videos | Photo: Ren McGann/Nikon

Nikon Australia announces the finalists for the 2020 Nikon Surf Photo and Video of the Year Awards.

In partnership with Surfing Australia, the optics and imaging company invited local surf photographers and videographers of all levels to have their work acknowledged and celebrated across the industry through the awards for the eighth year running.

A panel of ten high-profile judges from within the surfing industry, including seven-time world surfing champion, Stephanie Gilmore were tasked with selecting the best of the best surfing photos and videos submissions based on the below criteria:

1. Innovation and creativity;
2. Dramatic effect and sensory impact;
3. Uniqueness;
4. Composition of the panel;

"We are proud to continue our support in celebrating the breathtaking stories captured by our talented surf photographers and videographers for the eighth year running," said John Young, general manager at Nikon Australia.

"This year, we saw an increase in submissions from various surfing landscapes around the world. Congratulations to all our finalists."

The winner of the 2020 Nikon Surf Video of the Year Award will get a Nikon Z 6 kit.

The winner of the 2020 Nikon Surf Photo of the Year Award will receive a Nikon Z 7. Each equipped with the Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S and FTZ adapter.

"The Awards are a hugely important event on our calendar because they give the Australian surfing community a chance to honor our best, whether it be in the water competing or behind a lens," added Chris Mater, CEO of Surfing Australia.

"Inducting our latest Hall of Fame member is always a massive moment we cherish."

The winners of the Nikon Surf Photo and Video of the Year awards will be announced on March 25, 2020, in a new exciting new television show format.

2020 Nikon Surf Photo and Video of the Year Awards | Photo Finalists

Andrew Leach: "David and Goliath"

Andrew Leach: David and Goliath


Gergo Rugli: "Warrior"

Gergo Rugli: Warrior


Jamie Scott: "I Can't Hear You"

Jamie Scott: I Can't Hear You


Jamie Scott: "In the Thick of It"

Jamie Scott: In the Thick of It


Matt Dunbar: "Duck Dive"

Matt Dunbar: Duck Dive


Paul Smith: "Flume"

Paul Smith: Flume


Peter Jovic: "Gun Barrel Highway"

Peter Jovic: Gun Barrel Highway


Peter Jovic: "No Looking Back"

Peter Jovic: No Looking Back


Peter Wilson: "Portugal Sunset"

Peter Wilson: Portugal Sunset


Ray Collins: "Cascade"

Ray Collins: Cascade


Ray Collins: "The Big Bang"

Ray Collins: The Big Bang


Ren McGann: "Free Fall"

Ren McGann: Free Fall


Ren McGann: "The Right"

Ren McGann: The Right


Simon Punch: "Breathing"

Simon Punch: Breathing


Stu Gibson: "Danny Sunset Stern"

Stu Gibson: Danny Sunset Stern


Tom Pearsall: "An Unusual Relationship"

Tom Pearsall: An Unusual Relationship


Tom Pearsall: "Jack in a Box"

Tom Pearsall: Jack in a Box


Travis Johnson: "Froth Monster"

Travis Johnson: Froth Monster


Trent Slatter: "Empty" (2)

Trent Slatter: Empty


Trent Slatter: "Empty"

Trent Slatter: Empty

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