"The Flying Machine" captures Portugal's best surf breaks

September 9, 2015 | Surfing
Portugal: Sebastian Steudtner tries to survive Nazare | Photo: Maquina Voadora

Portugal is a surf sanctuary. Five centuries ago, the Portuguese explorers crossed the oceans of the world in search of new territories and maritime trade routes.

Today, the country's 1,115 miles (1,794 kilometers) of coastline is center stage to new contemporary explorations - the surf, and even the energy of the waves. Portugal woke up late for wave sports.

After 41 years of authoritarian dictatorship, the westernmost country of mainland Europe started building the foundations of a new future. Surfing, as well as bodyboarding, only truly picked up in the 1990s.

In "The Flying Machine," you'll be able to take a glimpse into Portugal's diversified surf breaks. And there's room for everyone, here - stand-up surfers, prone riders, wind addicts, regular and goofy footers, advanced and beginners.

The short film was intelligently shot with a drone, and it features some of the best local surf spots. Fernando Pessoa, one of the greatest Portuguese writers of the 20th century and author of "Mar Português" ("Portuguese Sea") would be proud of this footage.

"The Flying Machine" includes rides by António Cardoso, Sebastian Steudtner, Tom Butler, Garrett McNamara, Ross Clarke-Jones, Kealii Mamala, Nicolau Von Rupp, Tiago Pires, Pierre-Louis Costes, Marlon Lipke, and many others.

With up to 300 days of sun a year, Portugal is Europe's ultimate surfing destination. Take a look for yourself.

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