The future surfing career of Kelly Slater

December 12, 2011 | Surfing
Kelly Slater: the future is now

Kelly Slater will be selecting and picking his competitive moments, from 2012 on. The 11-time world surfing champion believes it's time for a change in his life and pro surfing career.

"I'm in somewhat of a transition period where I'm going to be re-evaluating my life - whatever is left on tour and what is going to be off tour," said Slater.

"It's probably a little bit scary because you get so used to one thing but it's also exciting because you have a whole different life open up to you and a whole different opportunity to experience things. I've had a lot of focus for a lot of years on competition and I'm definitely welcoming a different direction."

Slater had a fantastic heat against John John Florence, in the 2011 Pipeline Masters, and had an interesting approach into the future.

"I was just trying to hold John John off for one more year," Slater said after the victory that had caused Florence to march off the beach in disbelief. "This might have been my last chance to get a few waves against him. He's going to dominate Pipe for the next 20 years."

But one thing is for certain. Kelly Slater will be surfing the 2012 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast because it comes under the banner of his major sponsor. He is also stoked with the Kelly Slater Wave Company project.

"If the next contest wasn't with Quiksilver I don't know if I'd be going," Slater said. "I seem to do well there and that sets up my whole year but I don't know if I would have started the tour the last couple of years if it wasn't a Quiksilver contest".

"After 20 years on tour, it can feel like a bit of a grind. That's not a complaint, the tour is a great life, but it can wear you down a little after this long."