The girl who isn't allowed to surf

January 19, 2013 | Surfing
Nassima Akhtar: a skillful surfer

Nassima Akhtar is a girl who loves to surf, but her country Bangladesh has forbidden women to hit the waves.

In 2008, Bangladesh opened its first surfing school. At that time, Nassima Akhtar and many other girls were offered the opportunity to ride waves and learn how to swim.

TV channel Al Jazeera discovered this young surfing talent and followed her steps.

Times have changed, though. As the sport grew in the country, community leaders felt girls and women should be at home and not riding waves.

Nassima pursued her passion, and she is the only female surfer left in the line-up.

Our married young surfer wants to be a lifeguard and teach everybody how to surf, but will her country let her follow her dreams?

Meanwhile, Nassima Akhtar still wakes up early to surf at Bazaar beach. The longest beach in the world is one of the best surf spots in Bangladesh.

Surfing is not a crime. It's a healthy sport for girls and boys, women and men, young and old.

"I feel free on the water. Where I'm from and who I am doesn't really matter".

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