Amphitrite: she was the wife of Poseidon | Photo: Creative Commons

Benthesikyme and Cymopoleia. Have you ever heard about them? They were the Greek goddesses of the surf.

There are several water deities in ancient Greek mythology. They ruled oceans, rivers, lakes, fountains, streams, underworld sea monsters, and even wells.

But Benthesikyme and Cymopoleia were different. They had the power to generate swells, and they had in common the fact that they were both daughters of Poseidon.

Ancient Greeks believed in 12 immortal gods and goddesses who ruled the universe with unlimited powers. The seas and the oceans played a major role in Greek mythology.

Poseidon was one of the Twelve Olympians. The god of the sea had many relationships, and as a result, he fathered more than 100 children and animals.

Poseidon: the god of the sea

One of his many wives was Amphitrite, a sea goddess. Together, they had three children - Triton (a divine merman, a messenger of the sea), Rhodos, and Benthesikyme (an African sea nymph).

Benthesikyme was the goddess of the waves, the "lady of the deep swells." She is considered the first queen of Ethiopia (Aithiopia). Benthesikyme married Enalos and had two daughters.

Then, there's Cymopoleia, the goddess of the waves, violent sea storms, and earthquakes. Her mother is unknown. She was an "haliae," a nymph of the sea. Cymopoleia married Briareus, the storm giant with 100 arms and 50 heads.

Poseidon was known for driving his chariot through the giant swells, creating islands out of nothing, and soothing the sea. His two daughters are relatively unheard of, but they are the most powerful Greek goddesses of the seas.

Other Greek sea deities include Aegaeon (god of violent sea storms), Ceto (goddess of the dangers of the ocean and sea monsters), Leucothea (sea goddess who helped sailors in distress), and Galene (goddess of calm seas).

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