Response Dry Glove 2: warm hands, pumped heart

Are you a cold water surfer? If so, the Response Dry Glove 2 is for you.

Yona Belfort and Sam Palmer wanted to solve a classic problem. And having great waves in freezing waters is a classic problem.

That is why they developed a grippy, featherweight latex glove that goes over a fleece liner, all sealed at the wrist.

The Furnace Response Dry Glove 2 offers improved dexterity over other paddling gloves on the market while allowing users to paddle for much longer without getting fatigued by soggy neoprene gloves.

"They are much lighter. Our glove uses air as an insulator, so you can paddle stronger for half an hour longer. They're way grippier, and they're made out of rubber without seams, so they're more durable," explains Belfort, co-founder of Furnace.

"Our second generation Response Dry Glove features an improved anatomical design for better circulation as well as a bite valve on top for blowing warm air into your gloves and purging it when it gets cold."

So, next time it's snowing outside, get your dry gloves and forget water temperatures. Just hit the surf with your hands warm and your heart pumped.

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