Emotion Flow Fin: an hydraulic fin system by L. Mike Kelley | Photo: Kelley

A Malibu inventor has developed an innovative surfboard fin system.

L. Mike Kelley is the man behind the Emotion Flow Fin box, a patent pending hydraulic fin and tail mechanism that will make you surf fasters.

Basically, the inventor split the tail, and each side of the split reacts as an individual rail, moving up and down as the surfer rides the wave. Simultaneously, the tip of the center fin moves from one side to the other, as you turn from one side of the rail to the other.

"You have a 25-to-40 percent more efficient lift/drag ratio. This is based on ultra-conservative innovative principles. I've done my share of surfing, shaping, and glassing. I spend a lot of money on injection mold tooling and patents," explains L. Mike Kelley.

"It more than really works. It's the future of surfing and windsurfing. This is what perfection looks like. You get more air, your landings are better, the whole nine yards."

The inventor says that the Emotion Flow Fin works on all fin setups. Are you willing to give it a try?

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