The inaugural 2011 Pipeline Women's Pro is set to March

January 20, 2011 | Surfing

Pipeline: not just for boys

The first ever Women's surfing contest, at Waimea Bay, will debut between 1st and 7th March. Banzai Productions has been granted permission by the City and County of Honolulu to run the historic competition. The competition will be called 2011 Pipeline Women's Pro.

The number of female big wave riders is growing every year. Names like Maya Gabeira (Brazil), Jamilah Star (USA), Renna Delgado (USA), Silvia Nambuco (Brazil), Emily Erickson (USA), Sarah Gerhardt (USA) and Keala Kennelly (USA) are just a few of the many girls that have been score huge waves. Some of them are pictured in magazines and XXL awards.

"I am hoping plenty women come out of the woodwork to compete when it happens. The list is growing and even the top WCT girls are riding bigger waves. Let's give them some money and see what they can do out there," says Betty Depolito, contest director.

The event will be run in a period with only 9% chance of having waves anywhere near the 15 foot mark, but everyone has hopes things will be more favorable. If the waves do not appear, a paddle event and cultural ceremony are planned for the community in support of the event. "In Hawaiian folklore Women were the best biggest wave riders. We want to continue in the spirit of famous surfer and Chiefess Mamala!", shouts out Depolito.

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