The Jay At Mavericks waits fifth swell

January 22, 2011 | Surfing

The Jay At Mavericks: go for it, dude

The Jay At Maverick's Big Wave Invitational 2010-2011 will have the Maverick's beach and surrounding bluff areas closed to the public, as a safety measure after last year's rogue wave that washed the beach and injured several surf fans.

Also, access to Pillar Point and 199 acres of surrounding open space and environmentally sensitive habitat will be closed.

There will not be any free parking available in the surrounding areas and contest organizers are not providing parking shuttles. But, everyone will have the opportunity to watch the big wave surf show.

A full state-of-the-art live HD Webcast will be made available on The Jay at Maverick’s Web site, ITV360 and on the Roku device for subscribers. In addition, all local Princeton-by-the-Sea area bars and restaurants are being offered a free license to broadcast a live feed or to rebroadcast the Webcast.

The Fox Theatre in Redwood City will be the premiere viewing location for The Jay at Maverick’s. The theatre can host more than 1,500 spectators who will view a live-feed of the contest on one massive 20-by-40-foot stage size screen, giving them a prime vantage point for all of the surf action.

The Wipeout Bar and Grill located at Pier 39 in San Francisco, will also run a live feed of the contest to spectators and bar patrons throughout the day of the contest.

On the other hand, waves are not seen, in big size, for a long time. This winter, the big wave spot near Half Moon Bay has had only four swells. The contest window closes on the 28th February, so the tension is in the air.

The lack of XXL waves is due to the La Niña weather pattern that reverses the trade winds in the tropical Pacific Ocean, resulting in fewer storms. The Jay At Mavericks will be looking for the fifth big swell, in order to get surfers out in the water.

Check the Wave Height Forecast for Half Moon Bay.

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