Apocalypse Later, Surf Now: focus on the waves

Armageddon, the end of the world, disaster, and the ultimate destiny of humanity. The 2012 phenomenon is the result of several eschatological beliefs that underline the possibility of a global catastrophe on the last day of the year.

If the countdown has begun, then grab your surfboards. Let's go surfing until the last minute of the sun and waves on Planet Earth.

Let's live our lives until the last minute, riding one last wave before we part.

So, what's really happening? "Apocalypse Later, Surf Now" is a fantastic surf video that has been spreading over the internet.

The footage shot with a GoPro surf camera shows a group of surfers enjoying a two-foot wave under a grey sky.

The 139-second video features the initial Earth attack from outer space forces. There are Transformer-type giant machines, air explosions, and modern military zeppelins.

Apocalypse Later, Surf Now: relax, it's only a Transformer

All surfers seem to relax and enjoy the waves, just as if surfing waves was their last dying wish.

The "Apocalypse Later, Surf Now" effects were done in Maya, and the motion tracking post-video editing was created in Mocha and compositing in After Effects. And all on an iMac.

The soundtrack really fits the entire chaotic surfing scenario. Listen and enjoy "The Whales," music by The Mermen, available on the "Krill Slippin'" album.

Watch the incredible sci-fi surfing video.

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