The legacy of Garrett McNamara in Praia do Norte

November 11, 2011 | Surfing
Praia do Norte: Portugal, the land of waves

The world has seen what a surfer is made of. Garrett McNamara has proved once again that surfing is one of the most thrilling sports in the planet. It is also a very media-friendly outdoor activity, as we saw and read in the global news.

The ZON North Canyon Show is a very interesting project and unites the efforts of sportsmen, city authorities, maritime authorities, tourism promoters and companies. In the center of it, surfing plays the acting role.

Garrett McNamara and the entire Portuguese team may have helped to enhance a small town's economic destiny. Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, is certainly capable of delivering the biggest and the best wave rides in the world.

Portugal has another great example: Peniche and Supertubos are now considered a world surfing treasure by the best surfers in the world.

GMAC has been answering dozens of phone calls during the entire week, but his work has started a long time ago. Last year, the North Canyon Show kicked off with solid performances. McNamara has learned and has studied the spot. has received many questions from world readers. Is it really the biggest wave ever surfed? Has the Guinness World of Records confirmed the stunt? How do we measure the wave height?

Comparisons between the big waves surfed by Ken Bradshaw and Mike Parsons have already started. Fortunately, the quality of Garrett McNamara's footage is impressive and leaves no doubts. Of course, and it's perfectly understandable, everybody wants to hold the record for the highest wave ever surfed.

One thing is certain: may towns and villages of the world believe in the potential of the ocean, waves and surfers to boost progress and wellness to their communities. That is the power of surfing.

Watch the complete video of the Garrett McNamara's big wave ride.