The mobile app for surf contest organizers

March 28, 2019 | Surfing
Surf contests: Stact Event Manager allows you to set up a competition easily | Photo: WSL

Stact, the smartphone mobile app that allows action sports fans to find, follow, and watch competitions, announced the launch of an event management software.

Stact Event Manager is an app that allows any organization to create their events and tours, manage participants and registration, then score and broadcast live onto Stact app, the consumer-facing application.

The software provides customization options that fit just about any sport from surfing to supercross - scoring and timing, for example - and a series of optional tools to further enhance the contest experience for fans and athletes.

During their first year of operation in 2018, Stact powered hundreds of events around the world.

These events include Stab High, Andre Villa's Ullevaal Xtreme, USA Surfing, French Surfing Federation, Association of Professional Bodyboarders, Relik Longboarding Tour, Surfing Queensland, and more.

In 2019, the mobile app is looking at expanding even more by powering events such as CrossFit Collegiate Championships, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and kitesurfing contests.

With future updates introducing more media, live broadcasts and pay-per-view, the software developers believe their product will be the next go-to platform for alternative sports coverage.

Making Surf Events Easy to Organize

On the other hand, Stact Event Manager gives organizations the opportunity to manage and produce professional quality events with minimal spend and deliver a unique experience to their audience with ease.

Whether you're a local surf contest promoter or a national bodyboarding event series director, the app simplifies processes and allows organizations to expand beyond their niche.

"We wanted to create a solution that covers everything from event prep and registration to broadcasts and tour rankings," explains Mike Jegat, CEO and founder of Stact.

Stact Event Manager allows event organizers to choose from a variety of tools such as broadcast GFX, iframe for the website, judges, announcer dashboards, and more to fit each specific need.

The data input into Stact Event Manager is streamlined into the Stact app in real-time giving fans and athletes access to events and data when you choose.

The company headquartered in Carlsbad aims to solve problems which came to their attention while attending multiple surfing and bodyboarding events.

"The momentum is catching on, and our product is beginning to snowball," adds Travis Bateman, digital marketing manager at the company.

"We've already locked in numerous new sports for 2019 and the year has only just started. By 2020 we predict at least half of the individual sports market will be on Stact."

Stact Event Manager is available on iOS, Android, Amazon, Mac, and Windows.

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