Joyce Hoffman and Margo Godfrey: the female surfing stars of 1968

Female surfers have contributed with great achievements to the history of surfing. Since the early 1920s, surfer girls have been steadily evolving their style and skills in the surf line.

The most influential female surfers of all time have played several roles in the progression of the sport. It's not only a matter of grace but also one of ability and commitment.

Mary Ann Hawkins was one of the first female surfers to show how to get waves ridden in California.

Despite several career achievements in swimming and competitive surfing, she lived a troubled life. Hawkins could hold her breath for more than two minutes.

Marge Calhoun is considered the first female surfing champion. After taking the Makaha International Surfing Championships, she continued to pioneer female surfing in Hawaii.

Marge was inducted into the Huntington Beach Surfing Walk of Fame in 2003.

Isabel Letham is the "first lady" of Australian surfing. Letham volunteered for a tandem surf session with Duke Kahanamoku when the Hawaiian champion visited Freshwater, Australia, in 1914.

She never quit surfing.

Margo Oberg is the first true legend of female surfing and the first multiple-time winner of world surfing championships.

Oberg lived in Hawaii in a treehouse. She is considered the first professional woman surfer.

Wendy Botha is the only South African female surfer to claim a world surfing title.

She claimed a total of four trophies and posed nude for Australian Playboy.

Layne Beachley has been considered the ultimate surfer girl and probably the best female surfer of all time.

The talented Australian has taken seven world surfing titles; her record has never been beaten.

Sarah Gerhardt was the first woman to challenge Mavericks' big wave surfing arena.

The blond teacher opened the book on riding giants for females.

Keala Kennelly and Maya Gabeira are talented big-wave pioneers who have been pushing women's surfing forward.

Take a look at the best female surf movies of all time.

The most influential female surfers of all time are:

Alana Blanchard
Bethany Hamilton
Carissa Moore
Chelsea Georgeson
Debbie Beacham
Frieda Zamba
Gail Couper
Isabel Letham
Joyce Hoffman
Kathy Kohner
Keala Kennelly
Kim Mearig
Layne Beachley
Linda Benson
Linda Merrill
Lisa Andersen

Lynne Boyer
Marge Calhoun
Margo Godfrey-Oberg
Mary Ann Hawkins
Maya Gabeira
Pam Burridge
Pauline Menczer
Phyllis O'Donnell
Rell Sunn
Rochelle Ballard
Sarah Gerhardt
Sharon Webber
Sofia Mulanovich
Stephanie Gilmore
Wendy Botha

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