Surf tattoos: Jesus loved hanging ten on his favorite surfboard

Surfing is driven by emotions. That is why surfers decide to perpetuate their love for the waves in their bodies. But surf tattoos can get really creative, especially when skulls and brands get into play.

Tattoos require time to think about them and, usually, a very good reason.

Surf tattoos last forever, just like the surfers' passion for waves, oceans, and beach lifestyle.

Waves and surfboards are very popular, so tattoo artists are quickly getting used to the surfing fever.

However, in some cases, clients can be even more creative than the tattooist.

When surfing is at the center of a tattoo design, you'll find unexpected ideas, full-color posters, psychedelic barrel rides, surfer pin-up girls, superheroes, and surf company logos.

These devoted surfers have permanently painted their bodies with personal beliefs, life-changing moments, religious symbols, and unforgettable surf sessions.

We've found crazy tattoo designs, innovative techniques, and courageous decision-makers, but we're still unsure if we'd try these ink marks on our bodies.

Well, only a surfer knows the feeling.

The Penguin Surfer Tattoo

Surf tattoos: penguins are invading the line-up

Penguins are keen surfers.


The SUP Barrel Tattoo

Surf tattoos: a barrel lives in his mind

A stand-up paddle surfer gets barreled inside a skull. Scary.


The Longboarder Tattoo

Surf tattoos: the grace and elegance of a surfer girl

Retro surfing style in a muscled body.


The Arty Surf Tattoo

Surf tattoos: art and girls are quite common

Arty drawings and surfer girls.


The Impressionist Surfer Tattoo

Surf tattoos: it took ages to imitate Claude Monet

Impressionist surf tattoos.


The Surf Company and Surferhero Tattoo

Surf tattoos: people love companies and superheroes

A Roxy fan and a surfing superhero.


The Silver Surfer and Bells Beach Tattoo

Surf tattoos: our favorite superhero and someone who rang the bell

The Silver Surfer, and a very special day at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.


The Surf Geisha

Surf tattoos: from Asia with love, and the classy brah saying

The surfing geisha and the surfing catchphrase.


The Deep Barrel Tattoo

Surf tattoos: creativity is a universal skill

Surf skulls, reggae surfers, deep barrels, and successful cave exits.

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