Waydoo Flyer: an electric hydrofoil capable of reaching a top speed of 28 mph | Photo: Waydoo

Waydoo announced the launch of an updated version of its electric hydrofoil.

The Shenzhen-based technology company will unveil its futuristic eFoil board Waydoo Flyer at the upcoming CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

The new Waydoo Flyer comes in a selection of color options and is 11 pounds (5 kilograms) lighter than the original version, so it is even easier to transport.

The eFoil benefits from design and manufacturing adjustments that have improved its robust battery life, waterproofing, and superior fluid-dynamic technology.

It is now even safer and more durable for repeated professional and recreational use on all types of water.

The slip-resistant, textured carbon fiber Waydoo Flyer has a 6,000W battery, which not only packs a proper punch but can also give users a steady and long-lasting ride of up to 75 minutes on one full battery charge (which only takes around two hours).

Thanks to a first-class electric propulsion system, the Waydoo Flyer is capable of reaching a top speed of 28 mph (40 km/h).

Fast, Sturdy, and Durable

Riders can control the Waydoo Flyer with a wireless Bluetooth hand-held controller that has five-speed and proficiency modes, from beginner to advanced, so users can easily select the right experience level and speed for them.

The remote also allows users to control speed and direction while they're on the go, and there is even an option to help riders create the unique fly-above-water experience that amateur and professional eFoilers and surfers are getting into.

"Thanks to its clean energy and environmental benefits, our Waydoo Flyer empowers users to ride on water, with or without waves, safely, efficiently, and quietly while minimizing the effects of choppy or rough conditions, making it ideal for usage all year round," explains Bianca Zhang, marketing director at Waydoo.

"This is something that watersport enthusiasts and travel enthusiasts will celebrate as it means they can enjoy the eFoil on all water types, with or without waves, making it ideal for all water locations, from the ocean to lakes and ponds."

"Our eFoil's submerged, integrated hydrofoil is enhanced structurally to make this lightweight section sturdy enough to lift the rider and the board up out of the water, so it feels like they are flying, while the electric motor in the hydrofoil enables smooth, frictionless movement without any effort if that's what the rider prefers."

"The combination of improvements to the Waydoo Flyer's superior fluid-dynamic technology and super battery design ensures no corrosion from extended usage and minimizes any potential water infiltration, so riders can enjoy their eFoil for years to come," concludes Zhang.

Cheaper Than The Competition

The Waydoo Flyer is making this new product more accessible as it is now available to consumers for $6,495.

Compared to other foiling alternatives that will set consumers back no less than $12,000, Waydoo Flyer is an option for those who want to get involved in this watersport trend.

American jiu-jitsu practitioner, mixed martial artist, and racquetball player Egan Inoue tried the Waydoo Flyer for himself in Hawaii.

"That sensation of flying gets addicting. You want to feel it again and again. I'm 54 years old, and I think anyone can do it if a 54-year-old guy can," explained Inoue.

"It's challenging, but once you get it, it's worth it - guaranteed. My daughter, I wouldn't take her regular foiling. But, I would definitely have her try this."

Waydoo believes that its Waydoo Flyer is the first-ever proven electronic surfboard product in the market to achieve both accessibility and affordability.

Alongside the "flying surfboard", the Waydoo team of eFoiling experts including Waydoo's R&D director, Lewis Zhu, will also be on hand at the CES 2020 event to discuss the company's other prototypes.

The Waydoo Lite is a foil-separate electronic hydrofoil for customers who are new to this pass-time, and the Waydoo Cruiz, is a hydrofoil designed for rental businesses.

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