Big wave surfing: safety techniques are critical survival tools

"The Ocean Warrior Course" is a complete nine-week safety program for beginners and advanced surfers.

The extensive digital tuition was designed and developed by Australian big-wave surfer Mark Visser and all-around waterman Shane Dorian.

Legendary Hawaiian lifeguard Brian Keaulana, free diving champion William Trubridge, and professional, free diver Ant Williams also participate in the course as instructors.

"The Ocean Warrior Course" aims to teach rescue response techniques, the principles of CPR, underwater training, breathing techniques, land-based training, survival tips, and mental preparation.

In the end, the authors hope that readers will increase their breath-hold and develop additional safety skills and confidence in challenging and heavy water scenarios.

An Ocean Safety Program for Everyone

"After taking this course, I look at it as a state-of-the-art toolbox. I strongly believe that anybody who goes to the beach and around the ocean - even lakes and rivers - should take this course," notes Garrett McNamara.

The professionals involved in "The Ocean Warrior Course" bring you the most practical and useful techniques so that any surfer can use them in the water immediately and in the most common situations.

"It opens up a whole new world. It's almost like a safety net with what to do, when to do it, and how to handle yourself," adds World Surf League champion Tyler Wright.

The realistic surf survival course will help you handle high-stress situations, but it can also save someone's life.

"The Ocean Warrior Course" is an online program broken down into 12 stages, and it is available for $99.

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