The online Encyclopedia of Surfing makes its grand debut

September 24, 2013 | Surfing
Encyclopedia of Surfing: the online version is an endless wave

The online version of the Encyclopedia of Surfing will debut on September 30, 2013. Get ready for the most complete online digital archive of surfing ever.

Matt Warshaw has been working too much. If the "Encyclopedia of Surfing" was a work of decades, the new digital version - with a dotcom in it - has been in the making for centuries.

Warshaw is probably the most informed human being when the matter of surfing comes into play. The truth is that the task of getting everything surfy into "a big swinging hard drive" is never complete.

The launch of is set for September 30, 2013, but the date is simply the beginning of the project.

Thanks to Warshaw, one of the most influential people in wave sports, the legacy and history of surfing is kept safe forever.

"A zillion photos, video clips, and links. Fully searchable. Updated constantly. All the archive material, plus a rundown on what's happening in surfing right now. The site is already designed, and it's off-the-chart awesome", Matt Warshaw wrote on the Kickstarter fund-raising page.

The new Encyclopedia of Surfing online is registered as a California Non-Profit Corporation. A new "Bible of Surfing" is in the making.