Surf judging system: surfer in red takes the lead

Millions of surf fans and hundreds of surf judges have seen and worked with it. Beach Byte is the official scoring system of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP).

When you mix a passion for surfing, a mathematical algorithm, technology, and entrepreneurial impetus, you've got Beach Byte, a leading computer system specially designed for surfing events.

The story starts in 1984 when Mano Ziul and Celso Alves - Beach Byte founders - start helping the surf judges of their town of Niterói, in Brazil, with a program for local surf contests.

Beach Byte is working with the Association of Surfing Professionals since the early days of the governing body.

Later, in 1993, the Brazilian company presents an online live score system. In 1998, when the internet gets widely popular, the surf firm debuts its product for live webcasts.

There are many variables at stake when you're scoring surfers and surfing.

Wave scoring from 0.1 to 10, breaking point ties, managing judge scores, counting time, counting waves, priorities, penalties, and calculating lead needs are some of the requirements of an online surf judging system.

Beach Byte also offers pads for real-time automatic judging tabulation, event heat draw, updated ratings, and a message board for the live broadcast.

The company can even redesign a surf contest website for the online scoring system.

The latest service is a replay system for surf judges that allows a quick review of a surfer's last ridden wave.

The software, managed by the head judge, will easily clear the mind and doubts of his team members.

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