The perfect portable case for GoPro gear

August 1, 2012 | Surfing
Roll Pro III: the perfect portable roll-up organizer case for your GoPro gear

RollPro III is the perfect portable roll-up organizer case for your GoPro gear.

Mike Bratcher has had a great. Have you ever felt the need to organize the mass of accessories that come with the GoPro cameras?

The RollPro III, designed and produced in California, is beautiful and durable GoPro case that compliments the camera's characteristics by designing it exclusively for the GoPro and its accessories.

"I've made things with my hands all through life from materials like clay, wood, metal, and fabric. I learned something. When something doesn't exist, make it", explains Mike Bratcher in his crowdfunding space.

The surf entrepreneur designed a fat free case that tames the GoPro and its entourage of pieces in a functional and beautiful fashion piece.

The RollPro III is able to pack a GoPro camera, the LCD add-on, battery, WiFi gear, back covers, SD cards, thumb screws, pivots, vibration plugs, clip mounts, USB car charger and charging cords.

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