Dating a surfer: there are more pros than cons to sharing life with wave riders | Photo: Shutterstock

Surfers shape their lives to the rhythm of the sea, which can be challenging in the context of a relationship.

Luckily, the positives of this lifestyle beat the negatives, and love always prevails.

As every surfer knows, riding waves is more than just a sport. It is a lifestyle and a primal way of connecting with yourself and the whole.

As you go deeper into your practice, you become more in tune with the pace of the ocean.

Fast and daunting in the presence of a big swell, rhythmic, and satisfying when the conditions are just right, slow, and quiet when the water is still.

Surfing is very poetic.

Even if they often lack eloquent words to express themselves, surfers write and draw their bodies on the face of the waves.

Their devotion to the ocean is genuine and helps to soften their hearts.

Generally speaking, you should consider yourself lucky to have a lover of waves and boards in your life.

However, there's a catch: the alchemy of the ocean is life-changing but also borderline addictive.

Here are some handy pros and cons of dating a surfer:

Surfers: they can become more sensitive and empathic human beings | Photo: Shutterstock

The Pros

  1. Expect new experiences, discover new places, and meet new people. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and simply enjoy;
  2. The contact with the beach and the overall healthy way of life associated with surfing can be a significant influence on your daily routines;
  3. The roughness of the ocean, along with the solitude of the practice, will soften the hardest of hearts. Surfers can become more sensitive and empathic human beings, which are great qualities to bring to a relationship;
  4. You will learn amazing facts about the sea, some of them highly useful and potentially life-saving;
  5. As they deepen their relationship with the water, their respect for Mother Nature also grows stronger. Your loved one should be a great source of information about environmental protection practices;
  6. Surfers are usually traveled and well-liked people with unusual backgrounds and great stories to tell - not all about surfing, don't worry!;
  7. Finally, the most obvious: you get the chance to learn something new. Go for it!;

Surf couple: when two people share the same passion for waves | Photo: Shutterstock

The Cons

  1. Expect weekend getaways and holidays to become repeatedly coastal. Better still: "surfable";
  2. Staring at the sea will never be the same. While you're admiring the beautiful sunset, you will be educated on weather forecasts, swell lines, and optimal surfing conditions. If it's not surfable, it's boring;
  3. Your routine may become a little shaken, as ocean conditions vary all the time. A surf trip may be suddenly rescheduled or canceled, as well as your previous plans;
  4. Surfers can become annoyingly anxious and grumpy when kept from surfing for long periods of time. Get them in the water again, and they will come out new and shiny;
  5. When in the water, they will tell you, "It's just one more wave," but it never is. Pack on appropriate clothes for the weather, a power bank, snacks, and books or magazines to endure the long hours in the sand, waiting for them to get out. Helpful tip: always make sure there is a bathroom nearby. You're welcome;

Long story short, there are no big secrets to dating a surfer.

Communication, compromise, tolerance, and openness to new realities are all you need to be happy in any relationship - whether the surf is included or not.

Be happy, and why not give surfing a chance? Two surfers are better than one!

Words by Ana de Brito Costa

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