Surfing: catching waves in the summer holiday season can be tricky | Photo: Kolesky/Red Bull

Summer is always a synonym for surfing. Can you imagine surfing without summer and vice-versa? We can't. But not everything is perfect.

Wake up, go to the beach, catch some waves, refresh a bit in the shade, relax under the sun, surf a bit more, get some rest, and repeat - that is the perfect holiday plan for a surfer in the summer.

It's that time of year when it feels good to catch a wave, end the session with fresh orange juice or a cold beer, and spend time with your friends discussing who got the best wave and which beach you will explore the next day.

The days are long and sunny, the water is warm, and there is time for everything.

But dreamy as it may seem, summer also comes with other aspects of life to enjoy beyond surfing, like discovering new cultures that are not necessarily surfing destinations, spending time with your family, or simply giving your body and mind some time to relax.

Let's take a quick look at the good and bad of those endless summer surf sessions:

The Pros of Summer Surfing

  1. You Deserve It: You worked for a whole year, and now it's time to take a break and do everything you have always dreamed of this summer;
  2. The Laid-Back Atmosphere: When summer's in town, the relaxed vibes take over, and the tanned bodies and surfboards line up on the beach, creating the perfect background for an epic surf session;
  3. Warm Water: It feels good to get rid of booties, gloves, and thick winter wetsuits - all you need is a rash guard and your favorite surfboard;
  4. You Can Train the Pop-Up in Challenging Conditions: We learn more in small wave conditions than in classic, shoulder-high surf;
  5. Your Friends Are More Available: There is not much fun in surfing alone, and in summer, when your friends also have freer time, why not book that surf trip you've been talking about all year?;
  6. It's Time to Explore: Summer means vacations, which means you will be free to explore new surfing spots and destinations. Get creative and add some new incredible beaches to your surfing resume;

The Cons of Summer Surfing

  1. It's Family Time: Your wife or husband and kids have waited for a long time to enjoy the warm season together at the beach - are you telling them you'll be gone surfing?
  2. The Crowd Factor: Everyone is doing what they plan to do, so surfing is probably the most popular summer sport;
  3. The Waves Can Be Too Big or Too Small: Long, flat spells can drive us mad, and there's nothing we can do about it. At the same time, crazy, wind-blown summer swells can also occur and leave you without good waves for days;
  4. Summer Activities Mean Less Time to Surf: When you're vacationing, there are often other things to do and see, so it may be difficult, in some situations, to find the time to surf;
  5. It Limits Your Choice of Holiday Destinations: Not all great holiday destinations are experiences by the sea. There are great options inland, and if you stick to coastal destinations, you may be keeping yourself from experiencing some exciting adventures;

Now that you have weighed the pros and cons of surfing in the summer, how will you adapt? Tell us all in the comments section.

Words by Ana de Brito Costa

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