The razzmatazz of the surfing world

September 5, 2012 | Surfing
Surfing razzmatazz: tables are always great surfboards

Attention all surfers. The long-term practice of surfing may cause serious mental disorders. Surfers are heavily exposed to ocean delirium, lunacy, neurosis and absurdity.

In the last decades, surfers transformed surfing into pictures that transcend the frontier of the water sport, itself. Where in the world could you imagine a surfer riding waves with a table?

We have seen serious wipeouts, animal riding waves and even pro surfers catching waves with wooden doors. What you will see below hardly need subtitles. Surfing is a sport of passion and adrenaline, so there is always someone ready to discover new things to do while surfing waves.

Madness has just arrived at the beach. Salt caused irreparable damage to the brains of surfers. Do you really think you've already seen the most amazing moment in the history of surfing?

We found the razzmatazz of the surfing world, exclusively for you. Are you ready for unexplained images? There you go: take the pill and get ready to inspire your surfing life. Mouse over the photos to clear up any doubts.

Surfing razzmatazz: why didn't he bring the boardshorts?

Surfing razzmatazz: crossed-surfboard surfing

Surfing razzmatazz: beer is missing

Surfing razzmatazz: in the name of the Father...

Surfing razzmatazz: she works for the FBI

Surfing razzmatazz: now, that is a great idea

Surfing razzmatazz: the shaper was thinking in something else

Surfing razzmatazz: the first human to ride a wave

Surfing razzmatazz: he learns how to surf with the turtle

Surfing razzmatazz: Kelly Slater's new pro door model

Surfing razzmatazz: jet ski chasing a surfer

Surfing razzmatazz: great place to surf

Surfing razzmatazz: mind the bridge

Surfing razzmatazz: the vinyl wave

Surfing razzmatazz: he really needed a shade

Surfing razzmatazz: Joker found the pleasures of surfing

Surfing razzmatazz: do they know it's lunch time?

Surfing razzmatazz: when he parked the car, the tide was low

Surfing razzmatazz: it's easy, there is only one exit window

Surfing razzmatazz: the next wave is for the boy with yellow rashguard

Surfing razzmatazz: by the end of the wave, beer will be warm

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