Captain Liz Clark: always in good company with Amelia, the Tropicat | Photo: Patagonia/Clark

Patagonia is on its way to becoming one of the most exciting surf publishers on the planet. This time, we're sailing the world and riding the planet's waves with Captain Liz Clark.

"Swell" is a book for the senses. It will invite you to breathe the breeze, feel the seawater, and witness the beauty of the water world from a sailor-surfer perspective.

The sustainable clothing company has, once again, nailed it.

Not only do they continue to publish words that matter, but they also do it eloquently and in style.

The definition of a surf book no longer designates a collection of random surfing achievements, printed on pages, alongside cliche photos of perfect blue barrels.

Over the last couple of decades, the bar has been raised, and surfing has touched new areas and activities of our daily lives.

In other words, you don't need to do the surf talk to talk about surfing. There's life beyond the simple act of riding a wave. And sailing is always a terrific add-on to any surfer's tale.

Sometimes, the surfing community is too connected to the surfboard and just needs to broaden their horizons.

For instance, giving windsurfing a go could very well be a thrilling starting point.

Inspiring the World Through Sailing and Surfing

That said, "Swell: A Sailing Surfer's Voyage of Awakening" ticks all aspects of the modern surf book.

It fuels the desire to explore the planet, and it encourages us to become better persons.

The publication follows the dream of Captain Liz Clark, a passionate sailor and surfer who fell in love with environmentalism.

In 2006, she set sail from Santa Barbara, California, in search of idyllic waves and the wonders of nature.

Swell: the 40-foot boat that traveled 20,000 nautical miles around the world | Photo: Patagonia/Clark

After more than 20,000 nautical miles on her 40-foot sailboat "Swell," Clark put her memories into a smartly organized book that blends words, illustrations, and photography.

"Each of us has a unique journey that is ours to claim," tells the nomad surfer, who shares her views on the solo sailing experience, staying afloat financially, and committing to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The book is somehow a diary of the unexpected, a highly detailed log file of life out at sea.

"My hope is that by sharing both my inner and outer voyages on these pages, you will be inspired to listen more closely to the yearnings of your heart, to face your inner dragons, and to decide to choose love over fear, again and again."

"Swell" is an inspiring surf travel testimony that may question the course of your life. In no less than 320 pages, you will be invited to appreciate the rare opportunity to live and discover our world.

Swell: A Sailing Surfer's Voyage of Awakening | The Numbers

  • 20,065: the number of nautical miles traveled;
  • 320: the number of pages of the book "Swell";
  • 80: the age of Dr. Arent H. Schuyler, the professor who gifted "Swell" to Clark;
  • 40-foot: the size of the boat "Swell";
  • 37: the age of Captain Liz Clark;
  • 10: the number of years spent sailing the world;
  • 9: the age when Liz Clark first sailed with her family;

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