Sean Collins Paddle Out Memorial: the circle of friendship

Surfers, friends, and family of Sean Collins have paddled out at Huntington Beach Pier to pay their respects to the 59-year-old surf forecaster who passed away on December 26, 2011, of a heart attack while playing tennis with his wife, Daren.

The founder of transformed surfing by developing, in the last 20 years, advanced maritime forecasting techniques for wave riders, international weather agencies, lifeguards, Coast Guard, and other institutions.

Hundreds of surfers formed a circle at Huntington Beach Pier, and it was a very emotional moment.

There were flowers, tears, and smiles. Tyler and A.J. Collins, the two sons of Sean, joined the crowd and were applauded by the surfing community.

"Really simple things when you think about it. Mostly just follow your passion, try to be a really good person and a good judge of character, and then just surround yourself with a great team and really good people. Add lots of luck, and all kinds of great things can happen", Sean Collins once told when asked if there was a secret to success.

Sean Collins was born on April 8th, 1952, in Southern California. He became interested in meteorology through sailing and then surfing. He started riding waves at the age of eight.

The Sean Collins memorial paddle-out was held in sunny conditions and calm waters. May he rest in peace forever. He will be greatly missed.

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