The Summer Surf Gear Guide 2014: accessories and apparel for an endless summer

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Summer calls for sun, sand and... surfing. Get ready to enjoy the warm weather and crystal clear waves of the season to the fullest.

The hot and dry months of summer are a privileged time to travel around, discover brand-new surf spots and simply have fun riding waves until the sun sets.

Find the perfect surf gear for an endless summer. We've picked the ideal accessories for performance and comfort, as your surfing adventures get more exciting than ever.

Relax and have the best surfing summer of all time.

Rip Curl Trestles Pro

Surf Watch

A good surfing watch will allow you to plan your surf session easily and accurately, anytime, anywhere. Check the tide direction, time, and height reports, as well as the sunset and sunrise times, and enjoy.

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

Surf Camera

Capture this year's best moves for posterity. The new Go Pro Hero3+ is lighter, smaller, and better than ever, with a built-in wireless connection, cinema-quality video, and high durability and performance in the most extreme environments. A must-have.

FCS AM-2 PC Tri Set


Surfboard fins not only improve your board's performance, but also provide you completely different surfing sensations. Try adding a new fin setup for extra performance, and feel a whole new rush with your old surfboard.

Dakine Bruce Irons Pro Pad

Traction Pad

Traction pads are important surf accessories. They are increasingly relevant in performance, duck diving, and protecting your board's tail. Pick your favorite colors, patterns, and textures.

FCS 6' Regular Leash


A spare surf leash is always a good idea when traveling, since it will keep you from having to swim back to the beach, in case your cord breaks during a summer surf trip. Also, if your leash is old or in bad shape, consider replacing it before traveling.

Mr. Zogs Sex Wax Warm Water


Surfboard wax is never too much. You'll use it quickly, and water temperatures may vary, so it's a wise thing to stock up different options.

Ding All Surfboard Repair Kit

Ding Repair Kit

Keep your board free of unwanted cracks with a ding repair kit. They’re practical, portable, easy to use, and will assure your board's best performance all summer long.

Rip Curl E-Bomb Springsuit


While you're traveling around, you may find chillier waters that require a little bit more coverage. A good, soft and light short sleeve springsuit will do the trick and allow you to freely explore the cold water seas.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion


Get a beautiful and safe tan while surfing by applying a good sunscreen before you hit the waves. Surfers are particularly exposed to the dangerous effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, so be sure to keep your skin healthy and well-protected.

Secrets to Progressive Surfing

Surf Book

A book is a good friend, and a surfing book will surely be a surfer's best friend when it's time to relax in the shade. There's a lot of knowledge in surf books.

Oakley Shaun White Polarized Enduro


With the magnified sun rays caused by the reflection in the water surface, you'll really need to protect your eyes. The good news is that you'll be able do it in style with these rad sunglasses.

Quiksilver Manic Camo


Boardshort technology is being pushed to new limits. This summer, try one of the latest models for extra performance and comfort, featuring recycled fabric, a welt side pocket, a shorter fly, and stretch stitch bottoms hems.

Roxy Bikini


A girl's comfort and looks are a serious business while surfing. Get both beach and surf ready with a trendy, functional and fast drying bikini, featuring a halter neck top, a cute striped bottom, and sunset stripes print.

O'Neill Skins Long Sleeve Crew Tee

Rash Guard

In the warmer days and waters of summer, keep it cool and go for a light rash guard that will keep your chest protected against the abrasive surf wax.

Reef Playa Cervesa Sandal


You're going to spend most of the time in the water, but you still need something comfortable and easygoing for your feet while moving around between surf spots. These soft, eco-friendly sandals, with a vintage feel, will do the job perfectly.

Dakine Cape Wet


Keep everything organized and at hand with a multipurpose backpack. A waterproof roll-top pocket for your wet or dry suit, a tarp-lined wax compartment, load compression straps, and an insulated cooler pocket are bound to make your essentials easy to carry around and keep your car smell-free.

Dakine World Traveler Surfboard Coffin w/ Wheels

Surfboard Bag

Carry up to four surfboards in full comfort and security with a single surfboard bag. Choose a heavy-duty model with compression straps, padded shoulder straps, and dividers, fin and wax pockets, and a wheel system to make it easier to carry around.

MBB Surfboard Rack

Surfboard Bike Rack

Avoid traffic, pollution and get deeper in touch with nature by riding your bike this summer. All you'll need is a surfboard bike rack to easily carry your surfboard along.

FCS Premium Bungy Lock Downs

Surfboard Car Rack

If you're planning on carrying your quiver around for a full summer experience, a good surfboard car rack will help protect both your boards and your car. This one adds extra security, with cut resistant straps and combination locks.


Inflatable SUP

Paddleboarding is relaxing, fun, and all ages appropriate. It's also handy when waves don't seem to come around. An inflatable SUP is the best option when traveling.

Zap Wedge


Pick up a skimboard between tides and try some fun moves by the sea line. It will surely keep you both fit and entertained.

Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2

Longboard Skateboard

Get the pleasure of soul surfing while in land with a longboard skateboard. Just mindlessly cruise down the street to check the surf conditions or run some errands.

Indo Board Pro Model

Balance Board

While indoors, improve your surf stance and keep in shape with a balance board. It helps develop the core muscles involved in balance and creates strength.

Oscar Schmidt OU2 Concert Ukulele Bundle


Play the famous Hawaiian guitar when the sun sets, and enjoy the sounds of summer with your friends and family.


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