The Surf Doctors' First Aid Kit

April 24, 2013 | Surfing
The Surf Doctors' First Aid Kit: it doesn't hurt

Are you ready to embark on the surf trip of your dreams? Make sure you're carrying "The Surf Doctors' First Aid Kit".

The weather's great and the waves are pumping. After taking a look at the surf trip checklist, it's time to hit the road and the skies for an endless surf adventure.

But, life has its surprises and The Surf Doctors' First Aid Kit" has been prepared to keep travelers away from hospitals and continuing on their surf holidays.

The kit designed by the Surfing Doctors is suitable for people with various levels of first aid experience, from doctors through to a completely inexperienced traveler. It also be useful as a medical kit for your home, car or boat.

For only $160 - including $10 postage within Australia - the surf survival medical kit is equipped with practical skills flash-cards, a thermometer, torch with batteries, rehydration sachets, alcohol swabs, chlorhexidine solution, ointment for skin ulcers.

Also, you'll get various dressings, cotton wool balls, wooden tongue depressors, scalpel, IV cannula, nylon suture material, steri strips, surgical tape, bandages, wound drying spray and aspirin.

All proceeds made from "The Surf Doctors' First Aid Kit" goes towards current medical projects in Indonesia, conducted in collaboration with the Surfing Doctors.

Take a look at the complete physical guidelines for the average surfer, learn how to drastically reduce surf injury probabilities and discover the most common surfer-related diseases.

Build your own first aid kit.