Leash Loop: it doubles up as a carry strap | Photo: Leash Loop

A British surfer created a leash that doubles up as a carry strap to make carrying a surfboard easy.

Jonathan Marchbank, the founder of Inspirit, invented a solution that will help owners of big boards like longboards, Malibus, and even stand-up paddleboards to transport their equipment effortlessly down the beach.

The Leash Loop uses a quick-release strap that tucks away inside the leash, so it's easy to use without having to leave anything on the sand.

Since it is connected to the leash cuff, you get a comfortable shoulder pad when carrying your board.

"I left my job at Dyson to pursue my own dreams in design and innovation. I was so frustrated to watch so many people struggling to carry their surfboards with no practical solution that I got inspired to invent Leash Loop," explains Marchbank.

Leash Loop: as strong as any other surf leash | Photo: Leash Loop

Three Years in the Making

According to Jonathan, the Leash Loop is as strong as any other leash with a 7mm diameter polyurethane cord, and the carry strap fits surfboards up to 5'' inches in circumference.

"It seems obvious and simple to integrate a carry strap in a surf leash, but it's taken three years, 120 prototypes, and many tests to find the right design."

The inventor of the Leash Loop grew up in the northwest of England, and although he has always loved the outdoors, he only learned to surf when he moved south to Bristol in 2010.

Marchbank is already beginning to plan new inventions for the future.

The Leash Loop is currently available in 7, 8, 9, and 10-foot cord lengths via Kickstarter until December 15, 2018.

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