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April 3, 2012 | Surfing
Global Surf Film Festival Collective: submit your surf movies in one place only

The Global Surf Film Festival Collective is the new planetary organization formed to help surf filmmakers submit to multiple worldwide surf film festivals at once without the hassle of sending their DVD's around the globe.

If you're a surf movie director, you can submit your salted water films easily at, after completing a special form.

Once the form is submitted, you will be emailed directions to securely upload your film and other supporting documents to our private viewing site which is only accessible to the festival programmers.

Each festival has its own unique program and independently chooses their film lineup. Acceptance to one festival does not necessarily imply acceptance to all. Individual festival progammers will reach out to filmmakers direct to secure films for their lineup.

Festival’s submission close dates are year round. Kindly check individual festival websites for important dates, deadlines and general information for each festival.

There are currently 13 surf film festivals lined up at GSFFC. New York, San Diego, Lisbon, YallingUp, Berlin, Bondi Beach, Sao Paulo, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Ombak Bali and Virginia Beach are some of the members of the organization.

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