Surf trip: an adventure with friends and waves | Photo: Rip Curl

Every surfer dreams of the surf trip of a lifetime. Chasing the undiscovered wave peak, traveling with our best friends, tasting local gastronomy, and naming new secret spots are part of the irresistible lure of surfing.

There's a unique adventure in all surf trips. Surfers forget their daily habits and travel through their own imaginations.

It's crucial to plan a wave journey at least once in your surfing life if only to free yourself from rigid rules and schedules.

Surf traveling is always on the surfer's to-do list, but changing conditions along the route can mean it is not always possible to schedule it efficiently.

Making a plan is good, even if you don't stick to it. Fun sometimes requires organization - just not too much. has compiled a checklist of the most critical steps to take when preparing to hit the road in search of epic surf and even more epic stories.

The Ultimate Surf Trip Checklist

Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Check the tires, oil, gas, water, and lights of your car;
  2. Bring wax, leash, surfboard, and fins;
  3. Pack boxers/underwear, board shorts, beach towel, and sun cream;
  4. Stock a toothbrush, toothpaste, and toilet paper;
  5. Bring glasses and contact lens solution, if needed;
  6. Make sure you have a credit card and pocket money;
  7. Safeguard your passport and visa, if needed;
  8. Don't forget your driver's license, registration, and insurance cards;
  9. Bring a cell phone and charger;
  10. Check for house keys, and turn off the gas and water before leaving the house;

Hawaii, California, Australia, Indonesia, Portugal, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Fiji are some of the most thrilling surfing destinations.

Set a daily budget, learn about the local cultures you will be visiting, and go for it.

As a final word, respect the local surfers wherever you go. Try to be gentle, make friends, share waves and a beer, have fun, exchange contacts, and invite them to visit your home country.

Surfing is all about joy. Learn how to plan a surf trip.

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