Rob Machado: is it a surfboard or a snowboard?

Meet the "Fish Out of Water" snow surfboard or surf snowboard. Yes, a joint venture between Signal Snowboards, Surf Prescriptions, and Future Fins resulted in a "snurfboard" that can be used in the ocean waves and in snowy mountain hills.

First, the team of shapers had to build a snowboard inside the surfboard. In the heart of the surfboard, there were wooden snowboard materials that would help resist all shocks.

The board then moves to the Future Fins factory, where fin boxes are added to this unique gear.

Afterward, the board goes back to the fiberglass process before the final snowboard base completes the show.

"It's time to surf, and we are not surfers, so we reach out to some friends and get the ultimate person to ride the surfboard. Rob Machado", explains Dave Lee, founder of Signal Snowboards.

Surf n' Snowboard

Rob fell in love with the "surf n' snowboard."

"I'm excited. I love the tail already. It'll work, for sure", says Machado in the moment he takes a first look at it.

After waxing it up, the new object proves it can float and surf waves. "I like this real low rocker. It carves really good, " says Rob Machado.

It was the snowboarder's turn. The board traveled to Revelstoke Lodge, Canada, to be tested in the cold environment.

Curtis Ciszek, a pro snowboarder, rode it with the stabilizing center fin in order to respond better at high speeds.

In the end, it was simply great. Mission accomplished.

Watch the production and testing of "Fish Out of Water." Learn how to shape a surfboard.

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