The Glenmorangie Original: a surfboard with a whisky taste | Photo: Glenmorangie

A Scotch whisky distillery teamed up with an American surfboard company to create a surfboard made from whisky barrels.

The limited edition handmade 6'11'', 39.96-liter surfboards are part of Glenmorangie's "Beyond the Cask" project and were fully shaped by Maine's Grain Surfboards.

The Glenmorangie Original is made using approximately 12 barrel staves; it is 20 1/8'' wide and 2-3/16'' thick.

"The best Scotch whisky is made from only the best American white oak, and for The Glenmorangie Original, their casks are only used twice for a rounder, smoother taste," explains Mike Lavecchia, co-founder of Grain Surfboards.

"We were able to create the entire interior framework that defines the shape of the surfboard from these oak barrel staves, replacing the commonly used marine plywood."

Mark Boyd: the first to ride the surfboard made from recycled Scotch whisky casks | Photo: Glenmorangie

"Surfing has a long history of wooden surfboards, so it was a natural choice. I don't think I'd be making surfboards if the wood wasn't an option."

Mark Boyd, the 2018 Scottish national surfing champion, was the first surfer to test the single malt Scotch whisky surfboard powered by Glenmorangie.

And he discovered that the whisky-making process has similar characteristics to surfing. You've got to wait to get the gems.

"I like to compete a lot, so waiting for a good wave is something worthwhile doing. If you're really patient and want to get a good wave when it finally comes to you, it is definitely an exciting feeling," notes Boyd.

The Scottish surfer rode the wooden beauty at the iconic break of Thurso East, close to the distillery's home in Tain. The spot ended up being a perfect choice, with its whisky-colored barreling waves.

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