Bruce Irons: a bright future ahead

Just like the sun and the moon, Andy and Bruce Irons were always very different from each other.

They were both born in the 70s but Andy, the older brother, enjoyed the pros and cons of the spotlight. Bruce would prefer a quiet free surfing session on any world beach.

"I can't stand when I see someone trying to act cool because it makes them look an idiot", confessed Bruce on his sponsor's website.

This statement says a lot about the younger brother.

Nevertheless, the anti-hero Bruce Irons was always seen as an icon by the younger generation of surfers.

He was the star of successful movies, ad campaigns, and fashion outdoors. Bruce enjoys "hard" contests where big waves underline his futuristic surf.

In 2004, Bruce was Rookie of the Year in the WCT. The Dream Tour's Rip Curl Pro Indonesia was conquered in 2008.

The surfing legacy of Andy Irons may now be a great challenge for Bruce Irons. What will he be doing next? Will he aim higher? Will he set his eyes on the world title, in the post-Kelly Slater era?

Bruce Irons doesn't have any pressure on his shoulders. He just has a lot of surfing skills to show to the world. Today, it's his 31st anniversary.

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