The surfing "Rail of Death" returns to California

December 27, 2010 | Surfing
Rail of Death: if you fail, you fall | Photo: Surf

The surfing roller coaster is back, and the madness, too.

Our friends at Fuel TV and TransWorld Surf have made an upgrade of the (in)famous "Rail of Death".

Version 2.0 of the water metal ramp was initially installed in Ponto, Carlsbad, California, and then moved to Oceanside.

It wasn't easy. The portable device was carried to the water by more than 10 surfers.

Heavy stuff for heavy chargers.

But, the first attempts to ride the "Rail of Death" were not so successful. The tide was too low, and the structure was a little bit intimidating.

As the tide started to come in, the majority of the roller coaster went underwater, and it was easier to ride it.

Suddenly, the masterpiece broke. No worries. Our boys used it as a very useful launch ramp - time to celebrate.