Fish: a surfboard like no other

"Ninety-five percent of the people that were surfing in the 1990s were probably on the wrong surfboard." The statement is from Rob Machado, and he is 100 percent right.

The fish surfboard design emerged in the 1960s, but the format lost traction in the subsequent decades. And by the time surfing reached the 1990s, everyone was riding toothpicks.

The "Fish" documentary dives into the real world of the iconic surfboard design and explains how it would influence the mainstream surf culture 30 years later.

In 82 minutes, director Joseph Ryan unveils the hidden stories behind the fish revolution.

The movie includes thoughts, ideas, and truly unexpected testimonies from relevant surfers and shapers such as Dave Rastovich, Rob Machado, Donavon Frankenreiter, Mark Richards, David Nuuhiwa, Jimmy Blears, Beau Young, Steve Lis, Skip Frye, Dan Malloy, Derek Hynd, Jack McCoy, Peter Townend and more.

"For me, it basically changed my whole life. Two fins changed my life. Everyone got brainwashed and sucked into the vortex of the narrow, thin-board revolution.

Everybody was on a train that they couldn't get off, that wouldn't stop," notes Mark Richards.

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