Kelly and Daley: the surf and the engineer

Daley Slater. He's a low-profile free surfer and civil engineer who doesn't enjoy the media spotlight. Meet Kelly Slater's identical twin brother, who lives quietly in Europe with his wife and two daughters.

"He (Kelly) never talks about it because I asked him not to. I really like to have my private life here in Moledo", Daley told

We asked him who the best surfer was. The free-spirited twin brother responded immediately.

"I surf much better, no doubts." Daley Slater still has many hobbies from times back in Cocoa Beach when he still lived with Kelly and their parents.

Daley likes to paint and loves speed windsurfing, unlike his twin brother.

"I really don't understand how Kelly might like golf. That's not a sport. That is a business meeting garden", jokes Daley.

Living in northern Portugal, Daley watches his younger brother's victories in the online broadcasts because he gets nervous when he attends surfing competitions in the middle of the beach.

"Very often, people ask me why I am not surfing my heat. I have to tell them I am his twin brother, and there's only room for one", says Daley.

Meanwhile, Daley Slater is looking forward to bettering his GPS speed windsurfing record on the windy beach of Moledo. The unknown twin brother believes he will be faster than Kelly in the waves.

"We've already made a bet. If he gets faster than me on a surfboard, I'll have to substitute him in the next press conference. That'll be hard. I am so shy!"

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