Garret McNamara: the king of Nazaré

Garrett McNamara has improved the record for the biggest wave ever surfed. The Hawaiian caught one of the biggest swells of the decade, in Nazaré, Portugal.

Forget the Hawaiian big wave surf spots, Mavericks, Todos Santos, and the Cortes Bank.

The ultimate challenge of the modern big wave surfer is located in Nazaré, in the central region of Portugal.

On January, 28, the 45-year-old surfer from Haleiwa caught a monster wave face measured between 85-100 feet.

If confirmed, McNamara will improve his previous record set in 2011, at 78 feet (23,7 meters).

The swell brought epic, perfect waves. The jet ski support didn't escape serious wipeouts while towing in the big wave surfers.

There were six riders out in the water, including Kealii Mamala, António Silva, Ramon Laureano, Kamaki Worthington and Hugo Vau.

Garrett McNamara followed the historical swell that hit Europe in the last days of January.

The team Hawaiian-Portuguese team is tracking and analyzing the ocean conditions for the next few days.

The ultimate 100-foot wave in surfing has its DNA in Nazaré. That is undeniable.

Discover the mechanics of the Nazaré Canyon wave.

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