Surfing animals: dogs, alpacas, goats, cats, rabbits, squirrels, seals, mice, sheep, pigs, swans, and even elephants share the stoke

Humans who love surfing tend to think animals like to ride waves. Sometimes that is true, and sometimes it is not. The truth is that the number of animals that hit the peak could easily justify the opening of a surf zoo.

Surfing animals are getting famous. Their names and stunts are spreading all over the internet, making their owners proud and happy.

Some of these creatures of Nature learn rapidly and prove they can do better than humans by, for example, hanging 20.

Training dogs, alpacas, goats, cats, rabbits, squirrels, seals, mice, sheep, pigs, swans, and even elephants requires time, dedication, and patience.

Surf dogs were the first animals to hit the surf. Today, there are canine surf competitions in almost every surf town.

Let's take a look at the most accomplished surfer creatures.

Ricochet, the Surfer Dog

Ricochet is the grand champion, and she also surfs with the purpose of helping children and adults with special needs.


Pisco, the Surfer Alpaca

Pisco is the world's most famous surf alpaca.

He was trained in Peru by Domingo Pianezzi and seems to enjoy the slopes of Lima's busiest breaks. Pisco always wears a flotation vest.


Goatee and Pismo, the Surfer Goats

Goatee and Pismo are the most accomplished surf goats on the planet.

Dana MacGregor trained the beautiful white animals at Pismo Beach, California. They're very popular at their home break.


Nicolasa, the Surfer Cat

Nicolasa, the cat, is another animal trained by Pianezzi. Cats don't usually like water, but this one seems to enjoy the thrills of wave riding.


Bunny, the Surfer Rabbit

Surf rabbits are still struggling to get worldwide attention. But they're already out the back working to pay the daily dose of carrots.


Twiggy, the Waterskiing Squirrel

Twiggy loves waterskiing. He is trained by Chuck and Lou Ann Best in pools. Soon, he will be dropping in Jaws alongside Chuck Patterson.


Baby Seal, the Surfer

Seals are just getting into surfing. They love surfboards. Ask Matt Stanley and Andrew Flounders.

When they were catching waves in Northumberland, a baby seal climbed onboard to learn how to surf.


Chopsticks, Bunsen, Harry, and Curly, the Surfer Mice

Chopsticks, Bunsen, Harry, and Curly, are The Radical Rodents, a bunch of surf mice with outstanding skills.

They carve and get barreled; they float and trim the line. Unreal.


Mildred, the Surfer Sheep

Mildred is the surfing sheep. She wears her own dry suit made of wool and shows a spectacular sense of balance.

Mildred is unbeatable in the cold waters of Cornwall.


Kama, the Surfer Pig

Kama is the world's most famous surfing pig. He is trained by Kai Holt, and they're regularly spotted at Sandy Beach in Hawaii.

Kama is a great swimmer and doesn't fear heavy wipeouts.


Black Swans, the Surfers

Black swans love to surf. These beautiful birds have shown their talent on the Gold Coast with an impressive paddling performance in the waves of Kirra.


Accenture, the Surfer Elephant

Last but not least, the surfing elephant.

An Accenture creation to promote their services might inspire animal trainers to get real African mammals into the lineup.

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