Lance Armstrong: leave surfing free of drugs, please

Lance Armstrong has tried surfing five years ago, in the Canary Islands. The cyclist who once had the world at his feet may never be welcome in the line-up, again.

"It is fun and a similar sensation to being on a bike". In 2008, the man who cheated and used illicit drugs and substances to win seven Tour de France titles decided to test his skills on a surfboard.

Yes, the sensation of walking on water is great, but doping may have changed his perspective of sports. Cycling is not surfing, even if you try to establish parallels between the two sports.

Five years ago, it was cool to get a picture of Lance Armstrong surfing. And he even rode waves easily. Unfortunately, the American cyclist will be banned of the surfing line-up of celebrity guests.

Make no mistake. As the British band The Verve once sung, "the drugs don't work". Keep surfing pure, free and magic. Know what are the banned substances in sports and stay away from artificial enhancers.

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