The Wave Energy Center needs key funding

December 27, 2010 | Surfing

Wave Energy Center: get it funded

Portugal, one of the best countries in the world for surfing, may be exiting a key project for generating energy from the waves.

The Wave Energy Center (WavEC), located in the Azores Islands, is a rare power station that is almost left abandoned and lacking €500.000 to recover its main goal.

This environment-friendly project is not seen by the funding companies - EDP and Efacec - as a strategic business model and, therefore, investment is far away from the Island of Pico, in the Atlantic Ocean.

The region has perfect wave and wind conditions. There are identical wave energy plants in Scotland, Japan and India, but not as powerful as the Pico one. In 2010, the wave energy center has grown to 1300 hours of operation, compared to 265 hour, in 2009.

The WavEC has an average power of 40 kilowatt/hour and shouldn't be let without funding, despite the financial problems that have been threatening the Portuguese economy.

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