"The Wild" wins REDirect Surf 2015

August 6, 2015 | Surfing
The Wild: a film by Aaron Lieber | Photo: Aaron Lieber

"The Wild," a short surf film by Aaron Lieber has conquered the Grand Prize at the REDirect Surf 2015.

The contest for 11 short surf films shot on RED cameras awarded the movie featuring Noah Beschen a RED Epic Dragon camera package worth over $50,000.

"Once again, the submissions for this year's REDirect competition exceeded our expectations. This year's winner, Aaron Lieber, brought together gorgeous cinematography and subtle narrative to tell a beautiful story centered around surfing," underlined Jamin Jannard of RED Digital Cinema.

"The Wild" is not only a celebration of surfing, but it is also an ode to Nature and its magnificent poetic landscapes. The short film, shot in Hawaii, marries the art of riding waves with a skillful of opportunity behind the camera.

"Los Zapatos," a film by David Malcolm about Dylan Graves saving the children of Puerto Rico from technology won the second place prize. Erik Knutson conquered the Fan Favorite award for his "Being a Surfer is Fun," a flick featuring John John Florence.