The wipeouts of the year 2014

October 23, 2014 | Surfing
Ricardo dos Santos, Puerto Rico: don't worry, everything's going to be fine

Welcome to the most spectacular unsuccessful rides of the year 2014, also known as wipeouts. Whether at El Buey or Puerto Escondido, many surfers suffered the wrath of Neptune and Poseidon.

The judging panel of the 2015 Billabong XXL Awards will have plenty of work to do. At least, when it comes to analyzing hideous wipeouts. And Latin America has been particularly spicy in this field.

El Buey is one of the heaviest waves in Chile. The spot located near Arica has claimed a large collection of surfboards over the past few months. Ask Gabriel Villaran and Marcos Monteiro.



Puerto Escondido is breaking bones and boards forever, but the Mexican Pipeline has been particularly dangerous this year. Hold your breath, and imagine yourself riding and falling off these monsters. The victims were Anastasia Ashley, Gabriel Villaran, Billy Kemper, Andres Flores, Ricardo dos Santos, and Gary Hughes.





















Feeling scared? Relax and learn how to survive a huge wipeout.

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