V.360: a 360-degree surf camera

The V.360 is a sports action camera that will allow you to capture 360-degree videos and high-resolution panoramic photographs inside the barrel.

The world is changing; surfing is evolving. The V.360 surf gadget (56mm x 101.8mm) promises yet another revolution in the way we capture ourselves in the waves and takes point-of-view shots to a whole new dimension.

You will be able to confirm your own expression when a perfect barrel suddenly closes out, and the ride of our life transforms into the worst wipeout of the year.

The V.360 features stereo sound capture, adjustable time-lapse capture settings, long battery life, Bluetooth control, GPS, WiFi stream and a mobile phone app for editing and sharing pictures and footage.

"With a traditional camera you need to point, and then shoot. Instead, V.360 captures life's most astonishing moments at every angle simultaneously, so missing the perfect shot is a thing of the past," explained Peter Aloumanis, president of VSN Mobil.

The 360-degree surf camera is fully compatible with GoPro mounts, traditional tripod designs, and it is ready to be installed on the nose of your surfboard. It is shock, vibration and dust resistant as well as water immersion resistant to one meter for up to 30 minutes.

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