The world's first algae-based surfboard

April 30, 2015 | Surfing
The algae surfboard: truly green | Photo: Erik Jepsen/ UC San Diego Publications

An unusual San Diego joint-venture has developed the world's first algae-based surfboard.

Stephen Mayfield is a professor of biology and algae geneticist at UC San Diego; Rob Machado is the most famous surf environmentalist in the world, and Marty Gilchrist represents Arctic Foam, a surfboard blank manufacturer.

The trio joined forces and knowledge to produce a polyurethane foam core from algae oil, instead of petroleum. The surfboard's core made from algae is completely white, and you simply can't notice the differences between both models.

"As surfers more than any other sport, you are totally connected and immersed in the ocean environment. And yet your connection to that environment is through a piece of plastic made from fossil fuels," underlines Mayfield.

"In the future, we're thinking about 100 percent of the surfboard being made that way. The fiberglass will come from renewable resources, the resin on the outside will come from a renewable resource."

The algae surfboard was publicly unveiled and presented to San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer at the premiere of the "World's Smart Cities: San Diego"National Geographic documentary.

Producing algae is producing sustainable solutions for the future. Are you ready to change the way you buy surfboards?