Lucy Pet's Gnarly Crankin' K-9 Wavemaker: a mobile surf pool for dogs

It's a pool... It's a wave. It's Lucy Pet's Gnarly Crankin' K-9 Wavemaker. Meet the world's first surf pool exclusively designed for dogs.

You've seen them surfing waves in the ocean, and now you'll watch puppies enjoying small rollers in Lucy Pet Foundation's mobile wave machine. In other words, it's a surf truck for canine surfers.

The idea came up in 2012 during the Rose Parade held in Pasadena, California.

Lucy Pet Foundation co-founder Joey Herrick contacted an artificial wave company with an unusual request.

"It's a unique invention. It holds 500 gallons of water and allows dogs to actually surf throughout the country. The equipment is from American Wave Machines," explains Tim Estes, the project leader at the Lucy Pet Foundation.

The first surfer dogs to test the artificial surf pool loved it.

They know exactly how to get on the surfboard. Some of them prefer to ride backward; others just prefer to spin while riding the wave.

The 2017 Rose Parade Float will feature the best surfing dogs in the United States in a larger custom-built trailer.

Estes and Herrick want it to break the Guinness World Record for the heaviest and longest float.

The Lucy Pet Foundation saves the lives of thousands of cats and dogs by spaying and neutering pets.

The organization aims to have 40 spay/neuter and mobile adoption clinics across the US.

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