Rip Curl Search GPS: measure speed and distance

Rip Curl has launched the world's first surf watch with a built-in GPS system.

The Rip Curl Search GPS watch tracks your surf, registers your top speed and distance, and records your wave count in each session.

You can easily sync your data to the Rip Curl Search App or website to re-live your surf with location maps, image sharing, and graphic charts that showcase your session.

The new revolution will once again try to connect surfing and speed. In 2011, the professional surfing circuit tried an innovative speed management system.

The GPS device tracked the surfers' performance to unofficially "crown" a speed champion.

The idea got lost in the ether, and the ASP World Tour quietly discontinued the GPS test.

The Rip Curl Search GPS watch will get things personal. You'll be able to build your own rankings and compare it with others.

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