Hubi's Surf Atlas: the world's first surf atlas for youth and the young at heart

"Hubi's Surf Atlas: Part One" is not just any book. It is the world's first surf atlas for kids, a must-own for surfer parents and ocean-loving relatives looking to share their passion.

Could this be the next greatest surf classic? Probably.

At least, it scores a Perfect 10 for getting youth and the young at heart to quit streaming and start dreaming.

Weighing in at one kilogram and packing 96 pages of solid surfing gold, this heavyweight of a hardback will be an everlasting source of entertainment and wisdom for many years to come, whether being paged through at your coffee table while cuddling in the hammock or pored over in the classroom.

Consider the smiles, compliments, and queries that await.

"That's a nice-looking book you've got there."

"Oh, this? Ya, 'Hubi's Surf Atlas' - the best book we've ever bought."

"Serious quality! It looks and feels amazing. Do I need to know about surfing to understand it?"

"No. It's a book for everyone. This is a book for those who love adventure, travel, and learning about wildlife, culture, science, and geography. It's sorta like a wickedly cool adventure encyclopedia."

"May I borrow it?"

"No. Sorry. It's ours. Get your own."

Hubi's Surf Atlas: Part One: along with the buckets of cool facts, the illustrations are as froth-inducing as clear and empty Kirra pits

Parents Will Love It

Published by Wiilder World and featuring a menagerie of captivating illustrations, spectacular facts, and transcendent, half-true stories about Hubi's global surf odyssey, this is the book that William Finnegan wishes "Barbarian Days" could have been.

Sure, Mr. Finnegan's book is a modern classic. Yes, we like it a lot.

But we don't remember seeing a single illustration of a dugong chomping seagrass beneath a barrel in the Mentawais. Your move, Finny.

"Hubi's Surf Atlas" answers all of life's big questions.

How are the Northern Lights switched on? What's Skeleton Bay? What makes the Wedge wedge? Where do Himalayan waves break 100 miles out to sea? Do you even need an ocean to surf?

And finally, is there a global adventure surf book, anywhere on Earth, that will entertain and educate children and adults alike?

This book has, and is, the answer to all of the above and more.

Facts flourish like juicy figs amid the leaves of this book. There are more than 200 of them, in fact.

Get ready to learn things about surfing.

And then, when you're done doing that, weep like Alexander the Great, for there will be no more things to learn about surfing.

That is, until "Hubi's Surf Atlas: Part Two" is released.

Hubi's Surf Atlas: Part One: the book includes an all-time surf glossary

Entertain, Educate and Inspire

Join our protagonist and his surf tribe on part one of a globe-trotting voyage of discovery.

One moment, you'll be sharing Hubi's immersion in Norway's cold waters; the next, you'll be seeing how he just barely manages to rip Brazil's rare Pororoca through the Amazon rainforest.

And in case you're not too clued in on surfing mum and dad, there's a seriously useful and comprehensive glossary - filled with a breakdown of surf and science lingo that you might not be familiar with.

From California to Equatorial Guinea, from city surfing in landlocked Munich to chasing down typhoons in Japan, this smashing hardback will impart a serious case of wanderlust upon any reader.

It'll make your sprogs appreciate the world in a whole new way. All while teaching them, and you, about a load of stuff they, and you, didn't know. Trips don't get much better than this.

Welcome to destination education.

Is "Hubi's Surf Atlas" quite literally the best book ever written? Probably not. Are we extremely proud of it? Yes.

Do we think people of all ages, surfers or not, will dig into and dig it from cover to cover? Also, yes.

Will you continue turning its pages long after your child nods off to sleep? Definitely.

Whether you're a hardcore surfer, someone with only a passing interest in the sport, or someone who wouldn't know a longboard from a cutting board, we're confident that you'll lose yourself in this book.

In a year of lockdown and isolation, it's a reminder that there's a world out there waiting to be explored.

If you and your kids are fascinated by adventure and this spinning ball of space rock we call Earth, you need this book in your life.

Hubi's Surf Atlas is available from November 2020 at and selected surf shops.

Hubi's Surf Atlas: a beautiful surf book that will entertain both children and adults alike

A Passion for Surfing

Wilder World is a publishing company that uses action sports as a vehicle for discovery, as a platform to educate and inspire, and as a way to spark children's imagination.

We're deeply embedded in action sports culture and hope our passion for this world is reflected in the authenticity of our products.

We want to inform, and we want to inspire.

United by their obsessive love of surfing, Wiilder World was founded by Alex and Joachim in 2019.

Over the years, they have traveled to 25 countries with their surfboards.

Coming from cold Denmark and sunny California, respectively, the duo have poured their passion for the waves into every single page of "Hubi's Surf Atlas: Part One."

Words by Alex Whitman and Joachim Christgau | Founders of Wiilder World

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