The Xcel Pro Showdown at Supertubes announces invited surfers list

April 15, 2010 | Surfing

Xcel Supertubes: sepia surf spot

The Xcel Pro Showdown at Supertubes has finalized an exciting invitee list, as the May 1st kick-off to the month-long waiting period approaches.

Returning to Supertubes are last year's finalists Ryan Payne ('09 champion); Warren Dean, Deon Lategan, and Stan Badger.

A heat draw will be announced April 29th from Jeffreys Bay.

"I'm super stoked and privileged," said Lategan on news of his invitation. "I think that it's right that a Supers specialist gets into the mix at the Von Zipper trials, and the Xcel Pro Supertubes provides that platform."

Invitees considered by the event committee include only those surfers with solid Supertubes track records, line-up knowledge, and stand-out sessions when the waves are firing.

Junior surfers who'll also compete for the event's Best Junior Surfer R5,000 award include Steven Sawyer, Dylan Lightfoot, Bertie Stuurman, Dominique Abersalie, and Remi Peterson.

"I'm confident that we chose the most appropriate athletes for the event," said Xcel South Africa's Koffie Jacobs. "We have a cross-section of surfers who all have one thing in common - they rip at Supers, and that was the selection criteria."

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