The Zone: a surf film by Jack Coleman

Fifty-five-minute surf movies are rare these days, but film director Jack Coleman has successfully completed his two-year project. "The Zone" is all about the joy of surfing.

If you're one of those purists who see surfing as a performing art, then "The Zone" might enter the gallery of your favorite movies of all time.

It's got salt, it's got pepper, and competitiveness is put aside.

Coleman has been making indie films for nearly a decade, but you can feel that "The Zone" has soul, creativity, self-expression, and a few well-known characters.

"This project is truly coming from a good place from the bottom of my heart. I want this film to go beyond 'Groove Moove' into another level of surfing. New ideas. A 'next-level' film," Jack Coleman wrote.

When Derek Hynd unveils his finless wizardry, Rob Machado draws his laid-back lines, and Alex Knost reveals his dance moves, you know you're in "The Zone" getting inspired for your next surf trip.

The stars of the movie - which also include Ari Browne, Bryce Young, David Rastovich, Justin Adams, Ozzie Wright, Rangi Ormond, Ryan Burch, and Robin Kegel - rode idyllic waves in Australia, California, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico, and South Africa.

The future of free surfing has never been so interesting, and board design has never been so smart.

In 20 years' time, "The Zone" will certainly be considered one of the best portraits of what it's like to be a free-spirited surfer.

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