BSR Surf Ranch: the new surf pool by American Wave Machines

American Wave Machines (AWM) announced the construction of a two-acre surf lake at BSR Cable Park near Waco, Texas.

The company says that the BSR Surf Ranch will be one of the largest inland surfing and watersports structures in the USA and equipped with AWM's Perfect Swell wave-generating technology.

BSR is a cable wakeboarding park that also features Royal Flush, a giant water slide.

The new man-made wave pool will be built next to both facilities. The complex will also include a surf shop, accommodations, a restaurant, and a bar.

"I did my research, and American Wave Machines came out on top. They've been installing all kinds of wave systems all over the world for the last ten years with a 100 percent track record," states Stuart Parsons, owner of BSR Cable Park.

"I like that Perfect Swell can create an infinite variety of waves appealing to surfers of all levels, and no need for special pool bottom contours. My team can build this. We're ready to start digging."

American Wave Machines says that their technology produces sets of waves on demand, in a circular motion, and with several breaking types - mushy rollers, steep waves, and barrels.

The first artificial wave complex ever built in the USA is NLand Surf Park. It is located in Austin, roughly 120 miles (193 kilometers) away from BSR Cable Park.

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